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YouTube Strategist

Lennon Bone

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Video Labs!

    • Welcome!


    • Our Main Goal for You

    • Course Overview

    • Our Private Online Group

    • How to Navigate Our Private Group

    • How to Get the Best Results

    • Channel Reviews

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    Video Labs Prerequisites

    • Your First Assignments

    • Overview of your First Assignments

    • How to Access the '30 Days' Course

    • 30 Days Quiz

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  • 3

    Bonus Content

    • Paid Promotion

    • The Role YouTube Plays in your Business

    • Working with Brands and Sponsorships

    • How To Make Money from Adsense

    • Video Production, Sound, and Lighting

    • How To Effectively Use Patreon with your Audience

    • How to Pitch Brand Deals and Sponsorships

    • How to Test and Optimize Video Shareability

    • MCNs: What are they and should you join one?

    • Taxes, Business Classifications, Money, and Write-offs for Creators

    • Common Elements that make Videos Go Viral [Feat. Travis Chambers]

    • Going Full-Time on YouTube [feat. Austin Null]

    • Trademarks, Copyright, and Fair Use [feat. Kenneth Kunkle]

    • How Closed Captions Influence Video SEO [Feat. Lily Bond]

    • Boosting Creative Productivity with Evernote [Feat. Steve Dotto]

    • Using VidIQ for video SEO and community management [Feat. Rob Sandie]

    • How I manage an email list of YouTube subscribers

    • Money with Evan Carmichael

    • Analytics with Matt Ballek

    • How to Boost YouTube and Email Growth with Paid Advertising

    • Audio File: How to boost YouTube and Email growth with paid advertising

    • How to Grow your Facebook Audience with Video

    • How to grow your Facebook audience with video

    • How viral videos REALLY go big in 2018 [feat. Travis Chambers]

    • How Colin Grew Revenue by 6 Figures with Video in his Marketing Funnel

    • How To Tell Engaging Stories

    • How To Start Converting YouTube Viewers into Sales

    • How to Creatively Edit a Story for Better Retention