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Accelerate your Channel Growth

How to Master the Art of Collaborating with Creators and Influencers

This online course will teach you how to master the art of collaborating with creators and influencers in ways that quickly grow your audience. By the end of the course, if you follow all the given Action Steps, you’ll actually initiate contact with your favorite YouTube influencer!

  • Learn what kind of creators make for the best collaborations for your channel
  • Become an expert in building relationships with YouTube influencers in a way that inspires them to promote to their audience
  • A step-by-step approach to effective collaborations for your channel with influencers outside of YouTube
  • The best techniques in how to use your voice to communicate effectively and clearly
  • And a whole lot more!


Essential Reading For Growing Your Channel

A detailed roadmap for all you tubers! Step by step instructions with “to do” assignments after every topic to keep you on track and not get to far ahead of yourself.

Real life examples from other successful you tubers will guide you to getting it right the first time. I highly recommend this book”

Robert S.

This is a Level 2 Course

This course is part of our level 2 YouTube trainings called, “Next Steps.” It builds upon the principles taught in level 1 materials, called, “Foundations.”

It’s recommended that you go through this course with the level 1 workbook, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel,” to get the maximum benefit.

While the course is designed for people who feel a little nervous being on camera, it’s just as valuable for people who don’t feel nervous at all and just want to improve their presence on camera, how they communicate, and the human connection they build with their audience.

90 Day Guarantee

To prove my confidence in the value of this ebook, I am offering a generous 90 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee. Just contact me with your order information within 90 days of your purchase. That’s it!

There’s no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with with this course for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund.

Course Outline

Community Stories 1. Interview with Austin Null 8 min, 07 sec

ModuleLessonDurationAction StepsQuiz
Main Course1. The REAL Value of Collaborations
[Free Preview]
8 min, 18 sec

2. What To Prepare Before You Make Contact6 min, 25 sec

3. How To Find Creators for Effective Collaborations12 min, 42 sec

4. They Key to Converting Someone Else’s Audience10 min, 25 sec

5. How To Contact a YouTube Influencer11 min, 21 sec

6. How To Get an Influencer to Notice You10 min, 51 sec

7. How To Get an Influencer to Promote You9 min, 24 sec

8. Ideas For Effective YouTube Collaborations12 min, 32 sec

9. Why Collaborations Matter3 min, 45 sec

Bonuses1. Interview with Austin Null8 min, 8 sec

2. Interview with SocialBlade3 min, 34 sec

3. Interview with TheVideoInk7 min, 45 sec

4. Interview with NewMediaRockstars5 min, 09 sec

5. Interview with YTTalk6 min, 45 sec

TOTAL14 Videos1 hour, 57 min, 03 sec

How the Course is Structured


The course is divided into two modules. The “Main Course” is Tim Schmoyer’s content, which makes up the bulk of the course.

The “Community Stories” module are videos submitted from YouTubers in the Video Creators community as well as interviews Tim conducted exclusively for this course. These creators share their expertise on how to grow your YouTube channel with collaborations and the influencers share what they look for as someone who is a gatekeeper to promoting other people’s content.


Each module is comprised of individual video lessons. Some lessons also include links to additional resources that are mentioned in the video.

Action Steps

After watching each video lesson, there are several action steps for you to take to help you prepare for your first effective collaboration with a YouTube influencer. By the end of the course, you will have reached out to a YouTube influencer of your choice in the best possible way to start forming a relationship for promotion.


In the “Main Course” module, after each lesson there is a quiz you must pass before you can move on to the next lesson. These quizzes are automatically graded and ensure that you understand the information that’s being shared.

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