Course Description

YouTube Certified Expert

Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer is the founder of Video Creators, an agency that provides next level video strategy for established YouTube creators. He has more than a decade of experience, generating over 17 billion views and 71 million subscribers on YouTube for brands like Disney, Warner Brothers, eBay, HBO, Budweiser, MTV, television celebrities, upcoming creators, and even YouTube themselves. Today he lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his wife and seven children.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Video Labs!

    • Welcome!


    • Our Main Goal

    • Course Overview

    • How To Get the Best Results

    • Channel Reviews

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    Video Labs Prerequisites

    • Your First Assignments

    • Overview of your First Assignments

    • How to Access the '30 Days' Course

    • 30 Days Quiz

    • Last Step

  • 3

    Bonus Content

    • Paid Promotion

    • The Role YouTube Plays in your Business

    • Working with Brands and Sponsorships

    • How To Make Money from Adsense

    • Video Production, Sound, and Lighting

    • How To Effectively Use Patreon with your Audience

    • How to Pitch Brand Deals and Sponsorships

    • How to Test and Optimize Video Shareability

    • MCNs: What are they and should you join one?

    • Taxes, Business Classifications, Money, and Write-offs for Creators

    • Common Elements that make Videos Go Viral [Feat. Travis Chambers]

    • Going Full-Time on YouTube [feat. Austin Null]

    • Trademarks, Copyright, and Fair Use [feat. Kenneth Kunkle]

    • How Closed Captions Influence Video SEO [Feat. Lily Bond]

    • Boosting Creative Productivity with Evernote [Feat. Steve Dotto]

    • Using VidIQ for video SEO and community management [Feat. Rob Sandie]

    • How I manage an email list of YouTube subscribers

    • Money with Evan Carmichael

    • Analytics with Matt Ballek

    • How to Boost YouTube and Email Growth with Paid Advertising

    • Audio File: How to boost YouTube and Email growth with paid advertising

    • How to Grow your Facebook Audience with Video

    • How to grow your Facebook audience with video

    • How viral videos REALLY go big in 2018 [feat. Travis Chambers]

    • How Colin Grew Revenue by 6 Figures with Video in his Marketing Funnel

    • How To Tell Engaging Stories

    • How To Start Converting YouTube Viewers into Sales

    • How to Creatively Edit a Story for Better Retention