Turn YouTube into your Career

Turn YouTube into your Career

You CAN make a living on YouTube, even if you have a small audience.

When I had 3,000 YouTube subscribers my channel was generating $10,000 per month, not because of Adsense, but because I wrapped a business model around my content. This course will teach you, step-by-step, how you can do the same.

  • Learn the primary elements for earning money on YouTube
  • Discover what attracts subscribers, sponsors, and sales to your channel
  • Find team members who will exponentially increase your income
  • Setup your channel for success as a legal business entity


"I disabled most ad formats, but I still live full-time on my YouTube channel and employ two other people.

The principles Tim teaches in this course is exactly how our channel makes money."

Jordy Vandeput, Cinecom

More Information

This is a very practical, step-by-step video course on how to go full-time on YouTube.

Maybe you assume that you need to have millions of monthly views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and super amazing videos to turn your channel into your career.

That is certainly one way to do it, but some of us serve communities that just simply aren’t that large. That doesn’t mean our audiences are less valuable — it just means we need a different business model than Adsense and brand deals.

A business plan allows many creators, like myself, to earn closer to $300 per 1,000 views on YouTube instead of the average dollar or two that Adsense provides. This course will show you exactly how you can do that.

90 Day Guarantee

To prove my confidence in the value of this video course, I am offering a generous 90 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee. Just contact me with your order information within 90 days of your purchase. That’s it!

There’s no hidden small print. If you are unsatisfied with with this course for any reason whatsoever, you will get a refund.

Course Outline

SectionLessonDurationAction StepsQuiz
Preparing for Income01. Welcome: Tim’s Story, Ryan’s Story8 min, 37 sec

02. Being a creator vs a business owner11 min, 33 sec

03. Legal business tax classifications for YouTube creators19 min, 16 sec

Earning Money04. Creating a business model for your channel16 min, 25 sec

05. Three primary elements for growing revenue18 min, 02 sec

06. Creating a brand that attracts subscribers, sales, and sponsors28 min, 34 sec

07. How to create a product that your audience will love23 min, 59 sec

08. How to sell with value in your videos15 min, 53 sec

09. Creating a sales funnel that doesn’t kill your channel19 min, 5 sec

10. Basic accounting practices that will grow your business16 min, 12 sec

Scaling Your Income11. How a team will grow your channel and income23 min, 9 sec

12. Where to find team members to support your community6 min, 33 sec

13. My process for selecting and hiring team members9 min, 5 sec

14. Key ingredients that make your YouTube team successful12 min, 14 sec

15. Tools and apps I use for streamlining projects and communication9 min, 46 sec

Final Steps16. Your top 10 action steps for making money on YouTube9 min, 8 sec

TOTAL16 Videos4 hours, 7 min, 31 sec

How the Course is Structured


The course is divided into three sections. The first section helps you setup your channel to start earning money. The second section shows you how to create and implement a business plan on your channel. And the final section covers an overview of how to start scaling your income with a team.


Each section is comprised of individual video lessons. Some lessons also include links to additional resources that are mentioned in the video.

Action Steps

After watching each video lesson, there are several action steps for you to take to help you execute what was taught in the lesson.


Most lessons include a quiz you must pass before you can move on to the next lesson. These quizzes are automatically graded and ensure that you understand the information that’s being shared.

Michael Moore

If you're like me, you've probably got a handle on the creative side of things but you struggle when it comes to business and need guidance on how to turn your work into a successful brand and a lucrative career.

Tim's course takes you step-by-step with simple language through everything you need to know from cultivating a die-hard fan base, to designing products around your videos, to hiring a team, and more.

If you're serious about growing your YouTube channel and making money from it, this course is essential for doing both.

Michael Moore
Brain Candy TV

Course Stories: The Skorys

Course Stories: Tanya Gioia

Pahla B

My fitness channel currently gets less than 100k views per month on YouTube. Not a crazy amount of views, although it's consistently growing.

While Adsense pays a bit, I earn most of my money from things like workout programs, fitness training, and coaching.

My viewers love it because those programs allow me to help them reach their fitness goals in ways I would not be able to do through YouTube alone! And personally, I love it because it lets me pursue my passion! Yay! :)

If you're passionate about your YouTube channel, you need this course! Few things are as fulfilling in life as being able to dedicate yourself to something you love.

Pahla Bowers
Pahla B Fitness


No. This course is presented through a series of online videos. When you go through the checkout process to purchase the course, you’ll create an account here at videocreators.com. Or, if you’ve purchased other courses here in the past, you’ll be prompted to login to your existing account. After the purchase is complete you’ll get immediate access to watch the course videos and take the quizzes here on this site. There is nothing shipped in the mail to you. No DVDs, books, nor anything like that.

Your purchase gives your account access to the course for 1 year. Don’t worry, though. After one year you are not billed for another year or anything. It is not a subscription fee. Your account at videocreators.com will simply no longer have access to the content after 1 year, that’s all.

Yes. Wrapping a business model around your channel is required for any serious creator who plans to make a full-time living serving their audience. This applies to both educational channels as we as entertainment channels on YouTube. The material in this course is relevant for both.

The course itself does not come with interactive access to Tim, Ryan, nor other creators. However, patrons of Video Creators at the $10 reward tier and higher get access to a private discussion forum where Tim and other creators are active. If you become a patron on Patreon at that level or higher you'll get instant access to that private discussion forum where you can ask questions, get feedback, share ideas, and more. You'll also get access to an exclusive patron-only YouTube business podcast, monthly video hangouts, guest expert trainings, and much more. Check it out!

Yes. In fact, you’re at an advantage over other channels if you grow your channel with a business model around it from the very beginning. Making the transition later can be time consuming, costly, and difficult both for you and your audience. Set your channel up to generate a full-time income from the very beginning. This Video Creators podcast episode will provide more insights into how you can earn money on YouTube with a small audience.

Yes, this can work for you! I’ve seen many creators quit their jobs and go full-time based on the principles in this course.

The amount of money you earn depends on many factors, including how hard you work to implement the action steps outlined in this course, the size of your audience, the strength of your relationship with your audience, your profit margins, the quality of the value you provide, and more. Some creators with very small audiences hit $500/month very easily. Other creators with similar sized audiences hit $5,000/month in the same amount of time.

JF Beats

While attending a university to be an engineer, my free time was spent composing hip hop music and posting the tracks to YouTube.

It started making money for me when I began to license my tracks to other YouTube creators to use in their videos.

Today I'm no longer pursuing engineering because my YouTube channel actually a similar hourly rate to an engineering job, but with half the work hours. It's simply due to the kinds of strategies Tim teaches in this course.

Get it. It will show you how to do the same.

JF Barnard

Interested in this course? Email us at support@videocreators.com

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