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Expertise. Community. Results.

Growing your YouTube channel can be tough. Join together with a group of 20 other creators, led by YouTube guru, Tim Schmoyer. Turn your vision into reality with this 10-week, private, in-depth training. Receive the expert advice, clear guidance, and on-going accountability needed to:

  • Grow your channel
  • Build your community
  • Spread your message


Video Labs is an essential tool that helped me transition from being a lost hobbyist into a full time creator. Now I have a successful personal channel, work as a Video Team Manager for a prominent video game and media company, and do voice over work for other YouTube channels.

You could say I almost have TOO MANY opportunities thanks to the course. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about succeeding the YouTube realm.

Mitch ‘Dash’ Dostine

Mitch ‘Dash’ Dostine

What’s Included

Recorded Trainings

Each week you get a pre-recorded video training that goes in-depth on a topic and prepares you for the LIVE session.


Join weekly LIVE video sessions with me and the group for Q&A and discussion regarding that week’s training video.


In the LIVE video sessions we’ll also review your completed assignments and the new principles you learned.


The tasks you complete will directly impact your channel’s growth. We’ll hold you accountable to move forward with them.

Access to me

You get direct access to me and 20 other creators in a private Facebook group. Post questions, ideas, updates for feedback.


Your channel will be reviewed by your peers and by me. You’ll get verbal and written feedback that will help you grow.

Stories from Other Creators

Listen to what some other YouTube creators have to say about their experience in Video Labs.

Results Creators Have Experienced

Creators have experienced a lot of very exciting results while going through the Video Labs course. As much as I’d like to take credit for their successes, I can’t. Their hard work through the assignments and dedication to the process is part of why they’re seeing such astounding results.

  • Mitch had two viral videos to the tune of over 2.5 million views on one video and over a half million views on the other.
  • His channel was getting around 400 new subscribers a month, but now is now getting over 10,000 new subscribers per month.
  • Vixy who had very little direction for her channel now knows exactly where she’s going with it and, let me tell you, it’s going to change a lot of lives.
  • Jana changed the monetization strategy of her channel and will dramatically increase the amount of money her channel makes by wrapping a business around it.

Of course, all of them will tell you that the most valuable part of the course is easily the relationships each of them built with each other. The small, intimate nature of the group makes it easy for every creator to become personally invested into the channels of everyone else in the group.

Host and Lead Teacher

TwitterTim SchmoyerHost,
Lead Trainer

Tim Schmoyer

On March 2, 2006, I created my first YouTube channel and started making videos with the girl who later became my wife.

Since then I’ve created and published almost 3,000 videos, amassed millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, won video contests, worked with some of the country’s top brands, and became officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth.”

In 2013 I started Video Creators to train other creators to master the YouTube platform and use it as a place to spread messages that change lives.

This Video Labs course is a small part of that.

What’s Included

TwitterDerral Eves,
Viewer Engagement

As one of the elite and most loved experts in the YouTube space, in this Video Lab Derral teaches us how to boost viewer engagement.

TwitterMatt Ballek,
YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics provide data for improving your channel. Matt shows us how to extract that helpful info from all the numbers and charts.

TwitterJeremy Vest,
Paid Promotion

Jeremy’s company manages over $1 million per month in ad spends on YouTube. His session discusses paid exposure on YouTube.

TwitterPatrick Hanlon,
Primal Branding

Patrick Hanlon is the author of the book, “Primal Branding,” and teaches us how to create a brand on YouTube that creates dedicated fans.

TwitterEvan Carmichael,
Business Development

As both a YouTube creator and a guy who trains entrepreneurs, Evan’s session teaches us how to earn money and grow a business on YouTube.

TwitterTel Stewart,
Video Production

Tel’s work has been viewed over 650 million times on YouTube. He shows us how to better use our camera equipment to make great videos.

Course Outline

The live sessions start at 3:00pm Eastern Time and will last between an hour to an hour and a half. Each session is designed to be an interactive learning experience and includes:

  • Follow-up on the previous week’s assignment.
  • Q&A on that week’s topic.
  • Channel reviews of creators in the group.

Here’s a schedule of topics and issues we’ll discuss in each session (subject to change):

Date Topic Details
January 17 Introductions YouTube goals, stories, and overview of the Video Lab
January 24 Branding Two fundamental building blocks for any successful channel
January 31 Primal Branding How to create super fans of your channel
February 7 Channel Experience How to hook viewers and keep them
February 14 Video SEO (Part 1) The seven primary factors of ranking well in search
February 21 Video SEO (Part 2) The seven primary factors of ranking well in search
February 28 Boosting Viewer Engagement Seven practical ways to boost engagement on your videos
March 7 Collaborations How to connect with top influencers and convert their audience
March 14 Analytics Using analytics to discover opportunities and areas for improvement
March 21 Money How to make more of it using Adsense, business, funnels, and more
March 28 Closing Party! Shhh… It’s a surprise!

Bonus Sessions

For each group of creators going through a Video Lab experience, I put together a few bonus sessions that pertain to the particular needs, goals, and interests of those in that group. Here’s a few recorded bonus sessions that are already available.

Topic Details
BONUS How To Make Money Using Adsense A detailed strategy for going from $0 to $10,000/month in Adsense revenue.
BONUS Paid Promotion Tips for running successful ad campaigns on YouTube to promote your videos.
BONUS The Role YouTube Plays in your Business A strategy discussion on generating sales from your YouTube audience.
BONUS Working with Brands and Sponsorships How to start reaching out to brands and landing sponsorship deals.
BONUS Pitching Brand Deals How to pitch brand deals and sponsorships to companies and organizations.
BONUS Video Production An overview of of basic lighting, sound, and camera shooting techniques.
BONUS Growing your Patreon income A Patreon employee teaches your how to effectively use Patreon with your audience.
BONUS Tim’s Story Tim’s growth on YouTube and lessons he’s learned for growing a business online.
BONUS How to grow an email list of YouTube subscribers How Tim captures email addresses and grows his email list on YouTube.
BONUS Using VidIQ for SEO and community The owner of VidIQ shows us how to use the Chrome extension for YouTube growth.
BONUS Boosting Creative Productivity with Evernote Steve Dotto shows us how to organize our content and community with Evernote.
BONUS How Closed Captions Influence Video SEO A closed captions expert teaches us about the video SEO impact of captions.
BONUS Trademarks, Copyright, and Fair Use Learn from a lawyer how to best approach these sticky topics as YouTube creators.
BONUS Going Full-Time on YouTube Austin Null teaches creators what's needed in order to go full-time on YouTube.
BONUS Common Elements that make Videos Go Viral Travis Chambers is responsible for billions of viral views on YouTube.
BONUS Taxes, Business, Money, and Write-offs Tim's accountant teaches how to manage the tax and money side of your channel.
BONUS MCNs: What are they and should you join one? An MCN owner joins us to help you better decide if joining one is right for you or not.

Be Prepared for What This Course Entails

WARNING: There’s no question you will get an insane amount of information and value from this class, but education doesn’t matter if it’s not put into action. Before you sign up for this course, make sure you can commit to an intense amount of training. (You know, like how Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day to become an olympic gold medalist).

This class is not for the faint of heart. It will take hard work and a time commitment, an average of around 5-6 hours a week. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. We want you to know this going into the experience so that you get the most coming out of it

Join A Community of Creators

Perhaps the best part about Video Labs is the small group of other creators you join in your YouTube journey. Together you learn each other’s channels in an intimate way, you support each other, grow together, and develop relationships that allow everyone to capitalize on each other’s strengths and knowledge.

This happens through our private Facebook group where your “lab mates” and I are always posting and interacting with each other as they work through the training videos, assignments, and channel reviews together. It also happens in our weekly LIVE video sessions that are led by me. Everyone can join with a webcam and microphone or call in via telephone and join the discussion.


I feel that by working with a group of 20 creators I can serve them well for these 10 weeks. If there’s more creators than that in the group, I’m afraid some people are more likely to “drop between the cracks,” so to speak. But don’t worry — if you don’t make it into this group, stay tuned for another one like it in the future.

You! Seriously, you. Part of why I’m limiting this group to only 20 people is so I can tailor the content, discussions, channel reviews, and trainings for the people in the group and the goals they have for their YouTube channels. If you asked me to guess ahead of time who might be the most likely to join, I’m going to guess small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators who earn at least $150/month from Adsense. Personally, I think joining this Video Lab is a no-brainer for those types of people, but I honestly will do my best to craft this Video Lab based on everyone who is a part of it.

That would be cool, but no, I can’t. For some people, they will need to keep working the material taught in Video Labs for years to see their growth exponentially gain momentum over time (as is the case on my Video Creators channel). For others, they’ll take this material and something will just click for their channel. They’ll see growth take off like crazy. Others may not actually do the work that will get them results and will see no change at all. I obviously can’t control that. Or, some creators are targeting a fairly small and niche audience. Their channels will never be big even though they could be reaching 100% of their audience on YouTube. My channel, Video Creators, is in that position. Compared to verticals like gaming, vlogging, and beauty, my audience will always be relatively small. Yet, with a good business model around the channel, they can be some of the most profitable audiences. (Yes, we talk about that in the course.)

Monday, January 16, 2017, is the final day to pay and register. After that the group will be closed. Of course, since the group is limited to 20 creators, registration may close before that date if all 20 spots fill up before then.

It’s hard to say exactly, but based on past Video Labs it’s clear that those who put more into the process see better results on their channel. To give you a more concrete answer, though, each weekly training video ranges between 30 to 60 minutes. Our weekly LIVE meetings usually last about 60 to 90 minutes. And your homework assignments generally take a few hours. So all in all, it probably requires around 5 hours a week.

Of course! While there’s a lot of value from interacting with the group and myself in the live events, a recording of the sessions will be made available afterwards, which you can watch at your leisure. Just don’t wait too long to watch it so you can still do the assignments with the rest of the group and stay up-to-date with the discussions in our private Facebook group.

Most likely, yes, although the price will increase for future Labs. The format and structure may change for future groups, but I intend to offer personalized, group trainings in the future. To find out more info when it becomes available, be sure to become a Video Creators Insider and keep your eye on your Inbox.

I totally get it. This isn’t for everyone. I really do believe that many people in the Video Creators community have messages that need to spread, so my YouTube channel will always be free and my training resources will always be affordable. For those who want a more on-going personal touch than what my channel and courses can offer, though, I’m offering this Video Lab.

In case it’s helpful, think about it this way: my normal rate for a one-on-one hour long consultation is $379 per hour. Instead of an hour, you get access to me for less than $100 per week for half to a quarter of the price. Plus access to other experts, community, training, channel reviews, and more. I’m not gonna lie — I’m very proud of what I’ve put together here for creators and am glad I can offer it as affordably as $997.

No, sorry, there’s not. The full price is due up-front in order to register for this Video Lab.

Because I would like the creators in this group to solidify together fairly quickly, it has only a 14 day refund policy. That means if you decide that this group is not for you, please request your refund by January 30, 2017. After that, the $997 is non-refundable.

Make 2017 the year you grow your channel, build your community, and spread your message.

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